Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Maggie Garner joins the Surfside ABA team!

Maggie Garner, RBT

Surfside ABA is thrilled to welcome Maggie to the team! She brings an enthusiastic and positive attitude along with some personal and professional experience working with children and families.   She is currently spending time getting to know some of our families and learning the Surfside ABA way!

Here’s some background information on Maggie.

“I have always loved kids. Their unique way of seeing and understanding their surroundings and their individual idiosyncrasies has always made me want to see the world from their viewpoint. Throughout high school and college years I worked at a Girl Scout Equestrian Ranch helping girls through new experiences and fears. Priceless moments of seeing accomplishment on their face and their family’s faces instilled a desire for my career to help kids accomplish goals. 

Next, working at Valley Children’s Hospital gave me the opportunity to walk through many different diagnoses with families. Through that job, I knew I didn’t want to work only with kids, but their family as a whole. I want to help empower parents and children so everyone can thrive in the family vision.  That combination led me to working as a Registered Behavioral Technician while currently pursuing further education in ABA. While new to the field, I bring experience and passion for loving kids and partnering with families in all types of environments and diagnosis. I look forward to meeting your family. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to see the world from your child’s viewpoint, and be a part of your own unique journey. 

In my free time I chase my two toddler boys! I am involved in a local church, spend time in community with friends and learning to sail with my husband. I look forward to Friday nights with pizza and baking cookies when it rains.”

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