A Powerful Poem

This is a great reminder of what is not always visible. Even therapists and caretakers need reminders of what people with ASD might be going through. Thank you, Ava.

A powerful Description of being autistic by This beautiful little Girl
Congratulations to 12-year-old secondary school student Ava who has won a national poetry competition with her entry about living with autism 📝
You can read her winning ‘Power of Poetry’ entry below:
“Take a seat and sit with me
I want to talk about ASD
If you don’t mind I’d like to explain
A little thing called autism and how it affects my brain
It can make me anxious, angry and afraid
But this stays in my head, on my face it’s not displayed
I may seem heartless and question your meanings
But it takes me a little longer to process the feelings
Take a seat and sit with me I want to show you ASD
A girl sitting quietly is all you see
But inside my mind I am far from free
My thoughts collide, my senses take over
I become overwhelmed by the smallest sound
Clicking pens, ticking clocks
That boy’s chair and the way it rocks
All different smells attacking me
The perfumes, the coffee, the teacher’s tea
Take a seat and sit with me
But not too close, I have ASD
I try to be social, I try to fit in
I come across rude, I can never win
I am very literal and straight to the point
If you want the truth I won’t disappoint
When my brain is overloaded I sometimes lash out
My control fades, I scream and shout
I get confused and it all spills out
Intense emotions all trapped inside
Finally have nowhere to hide
Take a seat and sit with me I want to tell you about ASD
Please understand I am not to blame I’ve just got an atypical brain
But it’s not all doom and gloom
I’m often the sportiest girl in the room
I’m quirky, unique, kind and caring
I’m loyal, protective and always sharing
I’m obsessed with frogs and all things green
I’m the youngest trendsetter you’ve ever seen
Take a seat and sit with me
I am Ava, I am me
I’m not just my label of ASD.”

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