4th Annual Visit with Santa

Surfside ABA Therapy 4th Annual Visit With Santa

For families who have a child with autism, the holidays can be stressful. The change in routine, the bright and blinking lights, the extra social interactions, the presents, the new and unfamiliar foods, the list could go on.  Children with autism may have an intense response to Santa or absolutely no social interest in him.

Surfside ABA Therapy recognizes this and have listened to several families talk about their frustrations at never being able to get something as simple as a good photo. We found our own very special Santa and invited our families to come and spend as much time as they wanted with him. They could have photo alone with Santa or with the whole family! There was hot chocolate, cookies and candy canes.  We saw smiles, parents meeting and talking, and children playing together.

Some arrived with fear and trepidation, but all left with big smiles!

If visiting Santa, or any special holiday activity, is on your agenda, here are a few tips that might make the experience better:

  • Keep the schedule as close to normal as possible during the holidays.
  • Talk about activities before attending so your child knows what to expect. Books, videos, and pictures can be helpful.
  • Bring reinforcement, especially if waiting will be involved.
  • Look for sensory friendly activities in your local community.
  • Practice/role play activities such as visiting Santa. Your child may prefer to stand rather than sit, for example.
  • Adjust your expectations. IF you child isn’t thrilled, it’s okay.  There are other activities.  Keep trying!


Surfside  ABA wishes all of you a safe, happy and wonderful holiday season!

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